Guilt Free Ginger Ice-cream

This lent I have chosen to follow a daniel fast. I am so far really relishing the opportunity to try out new foods and recipes and have discovered the date which has made life so much better (despite its humble appearance). However what I have really missed has been the sweet after dinner treats.

A few weeks ago, me and my friend won an eight hour poker tournament. Given our mutual love of food we decided to blow our winnings on a delicious Thai meal. In a moment of student extravagance we treated ourselves to pudding and a green tea and it was there that we discovered the joy that is ginger ice-cream. So hauntingly delicious was it that a few weeks later when I had my friends round for a daniel fast friendly meal, we decided to attempt to recreate this wondrous frozen dessert. DSC03375

Now if you didn’t know, the daniel fast basically consists of fruit, vegetables and seasonings (for a more extensive description see here ) which proves to be a challenge when attempting to make ice-cream. Luckily, thanks to the internet   I have discovered a healthy alternative to that delectable dairy dish, replacing the dairy with non other than the humble banana.





It is so easy to do and has all the creamy yumminess of ice-cream without any animal products. Simply chop up your banana, freeze it and then when you would like some ice-cream, chuck it in a blender with a tiny bit of boiling water until it is creamy.


You can literally add anything to this banana base. So far I have had cocoa and honey, coconut and ginger but I am going to try it with berries and maybe vanilla and also perhaps with frozen mango – the possibilities are endless.

For the ginger version simply add ground ginger and/or fresh ginger into the frozen banana mix and blend with the banana until it is a creamy consistency. This has been the perfect after dinner sweet and is completely guilt free. Also a great way of using up slightly riper bananas as the riper the banana, the sweeter it tastes.