round round I wrap around. Tulip Skirt.


I wanted a tulip skirt. I had material, I had google. I made a tulip skirt.

This was my starting point:

My method was a bit more tailored to me, I cut the material, I pinned the material on, I cut the material some more etcetera etcetera, until it was about the right shape.


Then I pinned a few pleats in to shape the skirt


I hemmed the edges going around the curve, along the straight and up the curve.

I sewed the satin waist band in much the same way as in the tutorial online but I don’t have any photos of the process so probably best to follow that version.


Once the skirt was whole, I worked out where I wanted the poppers and sewed them on in the corresponding places. You can do buttons and button holes but my opinion is that once you start cutting holes in the skirt, if you gain or loose a lot of weight then it is very difficult to re-jig the skirt so it fits you, with poppers you can just cut them off and resew them in a better position.


And this is the finished product on, sorry about the dusty mirror, shabby chic.



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