Silk Flower Garland

Christmas is expensive. And unnecessarily stressful.

Make presents.

Save money, tailor them to your friends and family and do something productive in front of terrible christmas films.

I made my lovely friend a silk flower garland for her secret santa present. I tried and tested various techniques which the internet gave me:

DIY Fabric Flower Garland

and eventually came up with this. Its very easy to do (I made one on a train) and all you need is some scraps of fabric and a needle and thread.


1. Cut the fabricinto squares

2. Fold the fabric into thirds

3. Sew the bottom with a tacking stitch

4. Sew petals together to make flower

silk flower

This is the one I made for my friend for secret santa, she’s not a fan of pink so I went for dark blue and black gauze and sewed the flowers onto black lace. The flower garland can be strung across the back of a bed or wrapped around fairy lights or worn to a festival woven around your hair.





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