You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. Or on it. Made.

Reasons you should make your bed every morning.

As a member of pinterest, tumblr and facebook I see more than a normal amount of motivational quotes and photos and for a while I am motivated; but starting is not my problem. Its continuing and normally I am more than happy to carry on sitting in bed being motivated to do something really great later.

However this one piece of advise is different. I know perhaps I sound like a nagging niggley old lady but here are the reasons you should make your bed every morning.

1. If you have gone to the trouble of making your bed you are that much more likely not to get back into it.

2. a tidy room is a tidy mind. I do so much more when I have fewer things I could be otherwise doing. If your bed is made and your room tidy you don’thave to tidy it.

3. When I am running late and frantically grabbing handbag things – keys, purse, phone, more often than not one of them is enveloped in my duvet, is under one of my many pillows or is under the covers hiding itself and I spend ages looking for them. I have found if you make your bedthis doesn’t happen so much.

4. Its not fun getting into bed after a long day, finding a laptop cable and lying on the plug.

5. Its just a great start to the day! I put it on my to do list everytime and its always something I can tick off nice and quickly

6. Its not tricky to do and it makes the room so much tidier and organised.

7. this way you can tell if someone has snuck into your bed and snuck out again

8. If you are productively sitting doing work on top of your duvet rather than under it than you won’t freeze to death every time you emerge from that dreamy cloud of warmth and comfort.

9. It is quicker to run out the door in an emergency such as flash flood, fallen meteor or king kong style attack.

10. You have the prospect of getting back in to bed to look forward to. just me?

If you would rather make a duvet den or spend the whole day lying in bed watching tv on the internet I understand but if you want a groundbreakingly productive day then start it off by making your bed. 



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