I am making christmas presents this year – a combination of wanting to get out of the overly commercialised christmas rat race and wanting to give something I could afford and which had some meaning or personality in it.

And so I have been jamming.

First of all I went foraging. So. Much. Fun. and so calming, if you are stressed and need some time out go on a long walk and pick things and put them in bags and carry them around with you and you will feel such a sense of fulfilment and calm.



These are my blackberries picked and washed. I froze and defrosted them so I wasn’t against the clock trying to make them into jam but I would probably say fresh is best.

so 500g of these:


Windfall apples. Loads of these around, quite a lot of people put them in bags in front of their house for you to help yourself to. Peel and core 500g of them


Put all together in a big heavy based pan with approx 100ml of water ( I added more but this might have been my jammy downfall)


simmer on a medium heat until everything is mush and then add your sugar (1kg) and mix it in until its dissolved


Bring this to the boil and boil rapidly for 5 minutes and then test on a cold saucer. Put a splodge on, wait a minute for it to cool and then push it with your finger. If it wrinkles it has set.

I always have trouble with the set because I don’t it to be too runny so my jam comes out a bit over done but still yummy and still spreadable.

spoon into pre sterilised jam jars and leave to cool


Not the most studenty gift but with a few other bits – maybe some scones and clotted cream in a tin – its a lovely present.


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